DC And Boom Are Diamond’s Comics Publishers Of The Year – The 2016 Gem Awards Results

DC, not Image, won Diamond’s 2016 Comic Book Publisher of the Year 2016.

Courtesy of Diamond Comic Distributors, here are the nominees for the Diamond Gem Awards of 2016, to be voted on by comic book retailers in the direct market.

Participating comic store owners will also be entered in a draw to win a $200 backlist credit or two lots of 10 free 2017 FCBD posters.

Diamond says that “nominees were chosen by a panel of Diamond product specialists based on their overall impact on the industry, while comics and related merchandise were chosen on the merits of their sales performance and quality from the past year.”

We list all nominees, with the winner in bold.

2016 Comic Book Publisher of the Year – Over 4%

Dark Horse Comics
DC Comics
IDW Publishing
Image Comics
Marvel Comics

2016 Comic Book Publisher of the Year – Under 4%

Aftershock Comics
BOOM! Studios
Dynamite Entertainment
Oni Press
Titan Comics
Valiant Entertainment

2016 Top Dollar Comics Publisher Of The Year

Marvel Comics

2016 Comic Book of the Year – Under $3.00

Aw Yeah Comics: Action Cat & Adventure Bug #1 – Dark Horse Comics (JAN160159)
DC Universe: Rebirth #1 – DC Comics (APR160273)
Rough Riders #1 – Aftershock Comics (FEB161044)
Snotgirl #1 – Image Comics (MAY160544)
True Believers: Deadpool #1 – Marvel Comics (NOV150859)


2016 Top Dollar Comic Book:

Civil War II #1

2016 Comic Book of the Year – Over $3.00

4 Kids Walk into a Bank #1 – Black Mask Studios (FEB161207)
All Star Batman #1 – DC Comics (JUN160203)
Animosity #1 – Aftershock Comics (OCT161104)
Batman/TMNT Adventures #1 – IDW Publishing (SEP160389)
Betty & Veronica #1 – Archie Comics (MAY161104)
Black Panther #1 – Marvel Comics (FEB160736)
Briggs Land #1 – Dark Horse Comics (JUN160011)
Faith (Ongoing) #1 – Valiant Entertainment (MAY161849)
Motor Girl #1 – Abstract Studio (SEP161164)
Reborn #1 – Image Comics (AUG160565)
Skybourne #1 – BOOM! Studios (JUL161320)


2016 Licensed Comic of the Year

Disney Frozen #1 – Joe Books (MAY161587)
Dark Souls – Titan Comics (FEB161793)
Fight Club 2 #10 – Dark Horse Comics (DEC150108)
The Haunted Mansion #1 – Marvel Comics (JAN160749)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 – BOOM! Studios (JAN161182)
Revolution #1 – IDW Publishing (JUL160451)
Rick & Morty’s Lil’ Poopy Superstar #1 – Oni Press #1 (MAY161666)


2016 Best New Comic Book Series

4 Kids Walk into a Bank – Black Mask Studios
All Star Batman – DC Comics
Animosity – Aftershock Comics
Black Hammer – Dark Horse Comics
Faith – Valiant Entertainment
Hillbilly – Albatross Funnybooks
Kill or Be Killed – Image Comics
Motor Girl – Abstract Studio
Rick & Morty’s Lil’ Poopy Superstar – Oni Press
Spider-Man/Deadpool #1 – Marvel Comics
TMNT Universe – IDW Publishing

2016 Original Graphic Novel of the Year

Attack on Titan Anthology PX Edition – Kodansha Comics (APR168248)
Brandon Sanderson’s White Sand HC Volume 1 – Dynamite Entertainment (APR161507)
Dark Night: A True Batman Story HC – DC Comics (FEB160250)
March Book 3 – IDW Publishing/Top Shelf Productions (JUN160408)
Neil Gaiman’s How to Talk to Girls at Parties – Dark Horse Comics (FEB160019)
One Week in the Library – Image Comics (SEP160780)
Steven Universe Original GN Volume 1: Too Cool for School – BOOM! Studios (OCT151205)
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe H – Marvel Comics (JUN160947)


2016 Indie GN of the Year

Angel Catbird HC Volume 1 – Dark Horse Comics (MAY160020)
Apocrypha Now HC – IDW Publishing/Top Shelf Productions (FEB160424)
Dan Clowes’ Patience HC – Fantagraphics (JAN161448)
Giant Days TP Volume 2 – BOOM! Studios (JAN161218)
Head Lopper TP Volume 1 – Image Comics (JUL160804)
Mooncop HC – Drawn & Quarterly (JUL161544)
Rachel Rising Omnibus HC/SC – Abstract Studio (JUN160996)


2016 Reprint TP or HC of the Year

Archie TP Volume 1 – Archie Comics (DEC151006)
Black Panther TP Book 1: A Nation Under Our Feet – Marvel Comics (JUN160956)
Bloom County Episode XI: A New Hope TP – IDW Publishing (JUL160568)
Faith TP Volume 1: Hollywood & Vine – Valiant Entertainment (MAY161860)
Hellboy in Hell TP Volume 2: Death Card – Dark Horse Comics (JUN160095)
Lumberjanes TP Volume 3 – BOOM! Studios (NOV151165)
Saga TP Volume 6 – Image Comics (MAR160684)
The Sandman: Overture TP – DC Comics /Vertigo (AUG160359)


2016 Licensed TP or HC of the Year

Back to the Future TP Volume 1 – IDW Publishing (MAR160337)
Dark Souls TP: Breath of Andolus – Titan Comics (JUN161786)
Disney Descendants: Wicked World Wish Cinestory TP Volume 1 – Joe Books (DEC158600)
Disney Manga: The Nightmare Before Christmas HC Limited Edition – Tokyopop (JUL161992)
Fight Club 2 HC – Dark Horse Comics (FEB160014)
James Bond HC Volume 1: Varger – Dynamite Entertainment (APR161508)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TP Volume 1 – BOOM! Studios (JUN161226)
Star Wars Original Trilogy GN HC – Disney Press (JAN161399)
Star Wars TP: Vader Down – Marvel Comics (JAN160962)

Vader down.jpg

2016 Anthology of the Year

Aliens 30th Anniversary Original Comics Series HC – Dark Horse Comics (DEC150061)

Attack on Titan Anthology PX Edition – Kodansha Comics (APR168248)
Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Dragons HC – BOOM! Studios (MAY161246)
Spidey All New Marvel Treasury Edition TP – Marvel Comics (MAR160929)
Thought Bubble Anthology Collection TP – Image Comics (AUG160710)
Zap Comix #16 – Fantagraphics (SEP151352)


2016 Best All-Ages Series

Bird Boy – Dark Horse Comics
Disney Princess – Joe Books
Disney Kilala Princess – Tokyopop
Lumberjanes – BOOM! Studios
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Contest Champions – Marvel Comics
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – IDW Publishing
Oddly Normal – Image Comics
The Pink Panther – American Mythology
Pokémon XY – Viz Media
Scooby Doo Team Up – DC Comics
Space Battle Lunchtime – Oni Press

2016 Best All-Ages Original/Reprint GN

Avatar the Last Airbender TP Volume 12: Smoke and Shadow Part 3 – Dark Horse Comics (NOV150073)
Camp Midnight GN – Image Comics (FEB160616)
DC Super Hero Girls TP Volume 1: Finals Crisis – DC Comics (APR160322)
Disney Stitch Volume 1 – Tokyopop (JUN161837)
Disney Zootopia GN – Joe Books (APR161717)
Figment 2 HC: Legacy of Imagination – Marvel Comics (JAN160929)
Grumpy Cat Misadventures HC – Dynamite Entertainment (DEC151217)
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls TP – IDW Publishing (NOV150426)
Nameless City GN Vol. 1 SC/HC – :01 First Second Books (FEB161513/FEB161514)
Raina Telgemeier’s Ghosts GN/HC – Graphix (JUN161552)
Steven Universe TP Vol. 2 – BOOM! Studios (DEC151106)
Super Mario Adventures GN – VIZ Media (AUG162108)
Welcome to Showside TP Vol. 1 – Z2 Comics (FEB161983)


2016 Best Free Comic Book Day Book

FCBD 2016 All Ages Korra/Train your Dragon/Plants V Zombies – Dark Horse Comics (JAN160023)
FCBD 2016 Bob’s Burgers – Dynamite Entertainment (JAN160006)
FCBD 2016 BOOM! Studios Summer Blast – BOOM! Studios (JAN160003)
FCBD 2016 Bruce Lee: Dragon Rises #0 – Darby Pop Publishing (JAN160022)
FCBD 2016 Camp Midnight – Image Comics (JAN160007)
FCBD 2016 Civil War II #0 – Marvel Comics (JAN160009)
FCBD 2016 One Punch Man & My Hero Academia – VIZ Media (JAN160049)
FCBD 2016 Pink Panther Party – American Mythology (JAN160014)
FCBD 2016 ROM #0 – IDW Publishing (JAN160008)
FCBD 2016 Suicide Squad #1 – DC Comics (JAN160005)


2016 Manga Publisher of the Year

Dark Horse Comics
Kodansha Comics
Seven Seas Entertainment
Udon Entertainment
Vertical Comics
VIZ Media
YEN Press

2016 Manga TP of the Year

Attack on Titan GN Volume 18 – Kodansha Comics (FEB161617)
Disney Manga Kilala Princess GN Volume 1 – TokyoPop (MAY161827)
I Am a Hero Omnibus TP Volume 1 – Dark Horse Comics (DEC150147)
One Punch Man GN Volume 4 – VIZ Media (NOV151742)
Persona 4 GN Volume 1 – Udon Entertainment (JUL151648)
Space Dandy GN Volume 1 – Yen Press (APR162155)


2016 Magazine of the Year

Captain America 75th Anniversary Magazine – Marvel Comics
Doctor Who Magazine – Panini Publishing LTD
Heavy Metal – Heavy Metal Magazine
Image+ #1 – Image Comics
Mad Magazine – DC Comics

2016 Trade Book of the Year

Alan Moore Jerusalem HC Slipcase Edition – WW Norton (JUL162245)
Angry Birds: The Art of Angry Birds the Movie HC – IDW Publishing (MAR160473)
Apes & Babes SC – Image Comics (MAR160659)
Art of DC Comics Bombshells HC – DC Comics (JUN160333)
Art of Jim Davis Garfield HC – Hermes Press (MAY162028)
Art of Magic the Gathering HC Zendikar – VIZ Media (NOV151737)
Bait HC: Off Color Stories for You to Color – Dark Horse Comics (AUG160017)
Batman Character Encyclopedia HC – DH Publishing (JAN161900)
Civil War Box Set Slipcase HC – Marvel Comics (SEP150851)
Harley Quinn YR SC Wild Card – Scholastic (MAR161975)
Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Tales HC – BOOM! Studios (JUL161323)
Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Volume 46 – Gemstone Publishing (APR161667)



2016 Game Manufacturer of the Year

IDW Games
Wizards Of The Coast

2016 Game Product of the Year

DC HeroClix Batman: Arkham Quick Start – Wizkids (JAN160053)
Pathfinder Core Rulebook Pocket Edition – Paizo (APR168770)
TMNT: Shadows of the Past Board Game – IDW Games (APR160482)

2016 Toy Manufacturer of the Year

DC Collectibles
Diamond Select Toys

2016 Toy Product of the Year

Batman Animated: Mad Love Joker & Harley Quinn 2 Pack Action Figure – DC Collectibles (AUG150311)
DC Icons: Harley Quinn Action Figure – DC Collectibles (AUG150314)
Marvel Select: Captain America 3 Iron Man MK45 Action Figure – Diamond Select Toys (JAN162254)
One-12 Collective: Judge Dredd Action Figure – Mezco Toys (MAR152110)
POP! Star Wars: 6-inch Rancor with Luke & Slave Oola PX Vinyl Figure 3-pack – Funko (SEP158902)


2016 Toy Line of the Year

Batman Animated Action Figures – DC Collectibles
DC Icons Action Figures – DC Collectibles
Funko POP! Figures – Funko
Marvel Legends – Marvel Comics
Marvel Select – Marvel Comics
One:12 Collective – Mezco Toys
Vinimates – Diamond Select Toys

2016 Collectible Statue of the Year

Batman V Superman: DOJ Armored Batman Statue – DC Collectibles (SEP150334)
Marvel Gallery: Spider-Gwen PVC Figure – Diamond Select Toys (MAR162236)
Marvel Lady Deadpool Bishoujo Statue – Kotobukiya (SEP152305)
Women of Dynamite: Vampirella Statue – Dynamite Entertainment (APR151332)
Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn Statue – DC Collectibles (JAN160369)


News and image source: Bleeding Cool



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