This girl from India is shattering stereotypes surrounding periods with her unique comic book, Menstrupedia

Despite it being a biological process, people are still ashamed to speak about periods. However, this girl is busting myths in the most innovative way.

From treating sanitary napkins as some kind of explosives to laughing sneakingly when an advertisement about menstruation pops up on Tv. We have done everything in our power to avoid the much-needed conversation surrounding period taboos. Despite it being a natural biological process, people still cringe on period blood and consider menstruation unholy.

While much has been said and reported about periods, people have still failed to strike a  conversation about this particular topic. We are still ashamed to talk about periods. Lack of awareness and sanitation facilities have led to huge hygiene and health problems in numerous women across the globe. Some women even resort to using cloth during periods just because of the unavailability of the appropriate means.

 So, Aditi Gupta who hails from a small town in Gujarat has come up with the most unique and innovative solution to impart some education and knowledge about periods. She founded a comic book called “Menstrupedia”.

Menstrupedia is a basically a “friendly guide to periods which helps girls and women to stay healthy and active during their periods.”


If you go through the comic book, you’ll find a lot of informative stuff accompanied with graphics and entertaining content. The series tries to educate you about menstruation in the easiest way possible.


According to reports, the book that was released in September 2016 has been circulated in 75 schools and over 25 schools. They are also trying to come up with different languages. The best part is that the comics does not get into the cultural aspect and focuses on the scientific aspect of menstruation. The comic book not only talks about menstruation but explains the various changes that a woman’s body goes through while growing up.


t even questions the weird stigma of men not expected to speak about periods openly. The comic series further urges fathers, brothers, husbands and boyfriend to raise a dialogue about menstruation without any uneasiness and discomfort.


Aditi’s effort to bust the menstruation bubbles is laudable. It’s high time we grow up and start treating menstruation as normal.


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