New York Times to eliminate graphic novel and manga bestsellers lists

The New York Times will eliminate a number of their print and online bestseller lists—including ones for graphic novels and manga. The change will take place starting Feb. 5.

According to a statement from the Times, many of the lists that are being discontinued had been introduced as an experiment.

“We will continue to cover all of these genres of books in our news coverage (in print and online),” said a New York Times spokesperson in a statement to EW. “The change allows us to devote more space and resources to our coverage beyond bestseller lists… Readers will be notified that individual lists will no longer be compiled and updated by The New York Times on the relevant article pages.” 

As a result graphic novel and manga sales will be included in general Fiction categories.

Some of the lists that will remain include: Top 15 Hardcover Fiction, Top 15 Hardcover Nonfiction, Top 15 Combined Print and E Fiction, Top 15 Combined Print and E Nonfiction, Top 10 Children’s Hardcover Picture, Books, Top 10 Children’s Middle Grade Hardcover Chapter Books, Top 10 Children’s Young Adult Hardcover Chapter Books, and Top 10 Children’s Series.

Others will remain online, including Paperback Trade Fiction, Paperback Nonfiction, Business, Sports, Science, and Advice Miscellaneous.



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