Mazinger Z set to get movie adaptation after 45 years


Mazinger Z is certainly one of the most popular manga-turned-anime series of all time.

It was first serialized in Shonen Jump in October 1972 and even today many manga fans are still hooked on the series. With the 45th year anniversary of Mazinger Z coming up, fans will be delighted to hear that there is already a Mazinger Z 2017 movie which is releasing soon.

The popular manga about the popular super robot was written and illustrated by Go Nagai and eventually became an anime in December 1972. Since then, Mazinger Z has become one of the all-time favorites of many manga and anime fans all over the world. This is certainly a huge reason why the upcoming Mazinger Z 2017 movie is surely going to be a big hit too.

Fans excited about the upcoming movie though are definitely looking for any information they can find about the film. There have not been a lot of details released about it so far though. Lucky for you, here is a list of everything we know so far about the Mazinger Z 2017 movie.

Mazinger Z 2017 Movie Details

  • Its Temporary Title is Gekijouban Mazinger Z – The title of the upcoming movie is not just Mazinger Z as what some may have been expecting. According to My Anime List, the temporary title of the film is Gekijouban Mazinger Z. There could still be a lot of changes about this though so fans should just watch out what the title will be.
  • Toei Animation is Producing the Movie – Much like in the anime television series, Toei Animation is going to produce the upcoming movie. This is definitely going to help make the movie have the same feel and quality as the anime series.
  • The Mazinger Z Movie Website is Already Up – While there has not been a confirmed release date yet, there is already a website for the upcoming movie.
  • March 26 Special Event – At the moment there are very few confirmed details about the movie. Fans can mark March 26 on their calendars though. This is because there will be a special stage event at AnimeJapan 2017 where more details will likely be revealed.

click here to see the original opening of the “Mazinger Z” anime series.



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