Educative comic strip on girl child launched in Assam, India.

On the occasion of National Girl Child Day, an educative comic strip on girl child empowerment was released here today by Utsah, a non-governmental organisation working in the field of child rights.

The comic strip (book) comprising five chapters on issues affecting the girl child including education, child marriage, child trafficking, malnutrition and child abuse, is aimed at raising the level of awareness among the children.


Aimed at making children, especially the girl child, aware of the problem confronting them in their day-to-day life, the comic strip will be distributed to children in schools.

Miguel Das of Utsah while speaking at the release function, said that the comic strip has been prepared and released to make the children familiarise themselves with the issues through visual communication.

“We should not remain under the impression that gender discrimination is non-prevalent in Assam. Children are the most disempowered lot and to make their issues heard, we must work in a cohesive manner,” Miguel opined.

“Children must know what to accept and what not to. Hope, our initiative will help them in raising their voice wherever and whenever necessary,” he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Tushar Rane, chief of field office, UNICEF, explained the need for a safe living environment for children, especially the girl child.

Rane stressed the need for raising the awareness level of people across the spectrum vis-a-vis child rights. M Barman from the social welfare department and actress Akashitora were also present on the occasion.


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