Robin and Superboy rush into the spotlight in this Super Sons #1 exclusive

DC’s Super Sons series has been a long time coming. Originally announced at the publisher’s very first Rebirth press conference, this series pairing Damian “Robin” Wayne and Jonathan “Superboy” Kent puts the offspring of DC’s most popular characters at the forefront of their own story, establishing them as a new World’s Finest team for a younger generation. The book has an exceptional creative team in writer Peter J. Tomasi, who has extensive experience writing both of the main characters, and the art team of Jorge Jimenez and colorist Alejandro Sanchez, who have been doing phenomenal work at DC Comics for the last few years. Tomasi, Jimenez, and Sanchez had great chemistry on their issues of Superman, which showcased their talent for both grounded emotional storytelling and spectacular superhero actions, and this preview of next week’s Super Sons #1 reveals that the quality of their collaboration is only getting stronger.

The opening sequence contrasts a sense of comfortable domesticity with ominous foreboding as a family group hugs under intense surveillance, and then the mood shifts dramatically to show Robin and Superboy in action against robotic versions of themselves. Jimenez’s character expressions are delightfully exaggerated to heighten the emotions, but he’s equally skilled with dynamic, exhilarating action, which is amplified by Sanchez’s vibrant color palette. The linework and color rendering are exceptionally smooth, and there’s a strong energy in every page, whether it’s showing Robin and Superboy in battle or Jonathan Kent getting on a school bus. Readers looking for a thrilling all-ages titles should definitely check out Super Sons #1 when it hit stands on Wednesday, because given this team’s track record, this has the potential to become one of DC’s best titles.


Image Courtesy: DC Comics

via A.V.Club


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