The Fairy In Your Heart


“Alone, you feel nothing but insecurity; that’s why we form guilds, that’s why we have friends. We walk together in order to live a strong life.” Makarov Dreyar, 3rd Master


Fairy Tail debuted by TV Tokyo premiered on October 12th, 2009. Initially, it was supposed to run for 48 episodes but the series turned out to be a massive hit among the anime fans that it went on to produce a combined total of 277 episodes with 20 story arcs, ‘Fairy Tail: Zero’ the story’s prequel, 8 OVA’s and the movie ‘Fairy Tail: Priestess of the Pheonix’.

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Fairy Tail is a story of might, magic and friendship centering around the titular guild. The anime is about Lucy Heartfelia who wants to become a great mage and on the way she meets Natsu Dragneel one of the strongest wizards of Fairy Tail. Each wizard belongs to a guild, kind of an organization that recruits wizards (like; squad in Bleach, hidden leaf village in Naruto etc.) All the arcs of Fairy Tail revolve around four main characters; Natsu, Lucy, Erza and Gray (The fantastic four). The first few arcs slowly unravel the characters past, the later arcs reveal the guilds history (which I found quiet interesting).Even if the plots are very predictable in all good shounen style, you still can’t figure out the plots biggest mysteries which makes the show very interesting.



I think Fairy Tail has one of the best OST.  The sound is amazing. Almost all the openings are very well done, much like the endings. The background music is great and the combat music gives you goosebumps at times. The visuals naturally follow through with the sound which is what makes it awesome. The characters are voiced by famous actors that you may recognize and relate to making it purely awesome.

Thanks Animetwins for this epic music collection of Fairy Tail OST


image courtesy – kagomechan27


I love almost all the characters in the show.

Natsu is probably one of my favourite characters ever created.He is a ‘Dragon Slayer Magic’ user taught to him by his father Igneel who is a dragon. Natsu is hilarious and loyal but at the same time he can be one of the dumbest, hyperactive, reckless being to grace the world of Fairy Tail. Personally, he is the one who makes the show tick as he offers everything a hero should be, he can make you laugh and at the same time he can be a real badass and deadly serious.

Lucy Heartfilia is a ‘Celestial Wizard’ who uses keys to call upon spirits that are embodiments of the 12 gemini star systems. It is heavily implied that Natsu and Lucy are quite fond of each other.

Grey Fullbuster is an ‘ice make’ magic wizard who can make anything out of ice. He is cocky, arrogant and a real badass.Juvia Lockster definitely has the hots for him, and is seen gawking at him whenever he takes off his clothes subconsciously (yes, this happens….a lot!).

Erza Scarlett is a fierce Knight Wizard who can change her armour with a blink of an eye and she is one of the strongest characters of Fairy Tail. Her attitude gives her a natural leader impression even though most of the guild fears her so much.

There are other interesting characters as well Juvia, Happy, Mirajane, Lissanna, Elfman, guild master Makarov etc. but the story mainly revolves around the fantastic four.



To sum it up Fairy Tail is one of the best shounen animes out there and it is a must watch. The story line is a little imperfect but it makes it up with the characters in the show. It is very entertaining, which is why you would want to watch more of it because the arcs are funny as well as interesting at the same time.




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