20th Century Fox Taps Comic Artists To Market “Logan”

20th Century Fox and Atom Tickets have engaged a half-dozen celebrated comic artists in a campaign for the March 3 Wolverine release, Logan, that has fanboys drooling.

Fox commissioned Arthur Adams, Nate Powell, Babs Tarr, Becky Cloonan, Jeff Lemire, and Bill Sienkiewicz to illustrate variant posters to run in cinema lobbies in different regions of the country. It partnered with Atom, which is offering limited-edition mini-prints for those purchasing advance tickets through its app.

The final Hugh Jackman Wolverine film follows an aging X-Men mutant with waning abilities in search of a young girl with similar powers being chased by mercenaries.

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Bill Sienkiewicz’s Logan Variant Movie Poster Type Treatment

20th Century Fox’s VP of digital marketing and strategy Noah Young contacted Powell, a childhood friend (and former bandmate) who is best known for illustrating John Lewis’s bestselling March trilogy. Powell put him in touch with several artists.

Excitement grew as the artists began posting their contributions on social media late last week, prompting mentions in the comic press.

“Each artist was given different emotional beat in the movie,” says Sienkiewicz, who sent creative director Jeffrey Kelly more than a dozen roughs that slowly morphed into the final image of Wolverine ready to pounce.

“He initially sent samples of my earlier stuff to show me what they were looking for tonally,” he adds. “My style tends to be aggressive and edgy, and they wanted something that felt earthy and rough. Nate’s image is more introspective and quieter. But they’re all very different, which is kind of cool.”


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