If you’ve seen The LEGO Batman Movie, then you know by now that the heroes of the DC Comics universe and the beloved interlocking brick toys are something of a match made in heaven. Now thanks to the folks at Mashable, we’ve learned that it’s not just the producers of LEGO Batman who think that DC and LEGO go together like peanut butter and jell;, it’s also the fans. And some of those fans are quite artistically inclined.

One fan in particular who loves mixing LEGO and DC is named Nathan Sawaya, who is a creator who gave up his day job as a lawyer in New York to become a LEGO artist full time (I wonder how that conversation with the parents went). An exhibition just opened in London of Sawaya’s DC Universe/LEGO inspired work, and it’s all pretty amazing, and some not at all what you’d expect.

Although some of the pieces in the exhibition represent classic DC imagery–Superman flying, Aquaman swimming in the depths of the ocean, Wonder Woman and Batman doing heroic poses, the Flash running–he also has some that are funny and irreverent. Among those are Aquaman in a bath tub that’s way too small for his royal frame, and Diana Prince “in disguise”, which is to say she’s wearing a dress with a picture of Wonder Woman on it (maybe not the best way to keep your secret identity a secret, but I digress). DC’s classic villains like the Joker and Catwoman are well represented too.

You can see some of the pictures of Nathan Sawaya’s DC Universe Lego art exhibition by hitting this link, and the rest down below in our gallery.

via Nerdist


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