Marvel Adapts Thor: The Dark World And Incredible Hulk Movies As A Comic Ahead Of Thor: Ragnarok

As seen in Amazon listings, Marvel Comics will be publishing a new series, Thor: Ragnarok Prelude, a comic book adaptation of the second Thor movie as a lead into Thor: Ragnarok, the movie out on November 3rd alongside an adaptation of the Incredible Hulk movie origin. The four-issue series will be collected as Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok Prelude Paperback and published on October 17th for $15


The stage is set for 2017’s far-out fantasy epic, Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok! Catch up on the incredible events of Thor: The Dark World and learn where major players including Odin, Loki and Thor himself stand ahead of the next blockbuster chapter in Asgardian lore! And revisit the origin of Ragnarok’s other headline star, the Incredible Hulk! Plus: Classic comic-book tales featuring the two mightiest Avengers of all! Thor enters the underworld to face Hela – and the Hulk does savage battle on an alien world! It’s cinematic action in the Mighty Marvel Manner!


Thor #361 was one of the Ragnarok issues of Thor by Walt Simonson, confronted by Garm, the bloodstained wolf that prevents those who attempt to leave Hel – she is destined to break free and kill Tyr during Ragnarok. While Hulk #95 is part of the Planet Hulk arc, fighting as a gladiator. Could these inform the movie at all?

News Source: Bleeding Cool


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