Caster: Comic Review

“That our thoughts are not our own.  That no one is the master of their own fate.

Not even God.”

Caster, the latest comic by Holy Cow Entertainment traces the journey of a derelict Danny Matthews; a self-proclaimed Raja of Paharganj.  Caster (as proclaimed by Vivek Goel in a Facebook post) is India’s first Catholic superhero.

Danny sleeps in the narrow streets and is often woken up by a shady girl who keeps ranting about marriage problems, health issues etc.

Danny is accompanied by his friend Jon, who sells the ‘best stuff’ (stuff, a better word for drugs) in the streets of Paharganj.  One day while being challenged by Jon to sell stuff to  random people is where Danny encounters Nina, a young African girl from Malawi.

Danny, the charmer he is known to be quickly impresses the girl with his wit and asks her if he could show her around.

And when life seems to be getting a little better for Danny he encounters a strange spirit which seems to possess people and is hunting Danny.

This is exactly where Caster unfolds in a wonderfully imaginative way. The mystery of Caster just seems to be getting clearer as we progress and a satisfying end just begs for more.

We hope successive issues release soon.

The narrative is strong (thanks to the writer Anirudh Singh); the art is amazing as with all Holy Cow’s issues (Ravanayan, Aghori, The Skull Rosary). If only we had some better dialogues (which we hope betters in the coming issues).

All in all, Caster looks a promising entrant in the Holy Cow Universe.

The exact release date of its next issue is still awaited.

Caster created by Vivek Goel.

Writer: Anirudh Singh

Penciller: Gaurav Shrivastav

Colorist: Prasad Pattanaik

Cover: Vivek Goel and Prasad Pattanaik

You can also follow Holy Cow Entertainment( They create amazing Indian comics) here:





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