Attack on Titan Season 2, Episode 7 Review- Close Combat

The edge of the seat cliffhanger that we witnessed in episode six evolved into a full-fledged action saga in episode seven. Finally audiences got to witness- the Armoured Titan, Eren and the Colossal Titan.

The Colossal Titan Quagmire

The episode starts with Reiner and Bertolt luring Eren to the hometown they lost. It is a connecting track from the last episode. From there we are taken again to the present day, where Eren, in his Titan form is up against Reiner, in his Armoured Titan form and Bertolt, his Colossal Titan form. It’s nearly a catch-22 situation for Hange and team is unable to kill the Colossal Titan.  He emits steam as soon as they start attacking him.

The Colossal Titan is a big revelation for me in this episode, or probably this entire season. The part where he emits steam from the back of the body and suddenly you see his entire body rotting, is it a Titan shift? We really don’t know.

Are we yet to see different Titan Forms?

Going by what the episodes have promised us over this season, the creators definitely are hiding their bag of tricks as far as Eren’s Titan form is considered, especially when the last scene where the Colossal Titan falls on Eren. We will have to watch out for that in episode eight. I hope they don’t’ keep us hanging as far as such revelations are considered. They are too nerve-wrecking!

The fight between Eren and Reiner is a bit too predictable and can be seen from afar that Eren will eventually have the upper hand, since he is the main protagonist. It seems that the Armoured Titan’s body is protected with something hard. One particular scene in which Eren, almost down and out gets back to his knees (juxtaposed back and forth in the past where Eren is seen losing to Annie where she uses her techniques to bring down Eren), this is exactly when we are seen Eren in his Titan form in the present, uses the same techniques to pin down Reiner, the Armoured Titan. You can’t help but whistle at this scene.

Favourite Parts of the Episode

My favourite part of the episode is when Hange instructs Eren and he nods his head yes and Hange is seen blushing.

Was only Hange feeling awkward? 

The part when Eren- the Titan executes the techniques that Annie had demonstrated during training is pretty impressive and adds a new dimension to his character.


The last part of the episode like the entire season, is again a cliff-hanger with the Colossal Titan releasing steam and falling straight back on Eren. Is this premeditated? We shall soon find out in the next episode.


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