Attack on Titan Season 2, Episode 8 Review


This episode focused more on Mikasa, Armin and Hannes

This week’s Attack on Titan, Episode 8 was a calmer, emotionally deeper episode than the previous one. With all the fighting between Eren, The Armoured Titan and The Colossal Titan this episode focused more on Mikasa, Armin and Hannes and their relationship. The episode was a more character building exercise for the audience exploring deep facets that Mikasa has for Eren and how his sudden loss has her feel empty. Hannes on the other hand has graduated from being a drunk, useless soldier to a guardian to Mikasa, Armin and Eren.

Eren vs. Colossal and Armoured Titan

The episode starts off with the Colossal Titan falling on Eren to rescue Reiner from being defeated. Bertolt(Colossal Titan), in his human form kidnaps Eren and runs away with the Armoured Titan. This was their goal right from the time Reiner asked Eren to join him and Bertolt and accompany them to their hometown in episode six. The two of them were ruthless in their approach and quick to think their next move which ultimately provided a smooth kidnapping of Eren. The only ones to feel the heat or rather the steam were the Survey Corps who were badly injured in the crossfire.


The Hole in the wall

The episode shifts from them to Commander Pixis who is seen wasted drinking all the alcohol that he has. One major thing that we get to know from him in this episode is the theory that if Hannes’ scouts did not come across a hole in the wall, they must have met the scouts from the Krolva district at the halfway mark and turned back. Which again begs us to one question; is there really a hole in the wall or what we saw in episode one was just a farce? The mystery only deepens with every episode that we see.


Mikasa still feels her need to protect Eren at all costs.

But this episode is not about the mystery, and more seriously not about humanity’s fight against the titans. This episode is more about real relationships that have blossomed over the years in adversity and pain. This episode is all about Mikasa’s affection towards Eren, we get to feel this more when she wakes up from her slumber caused by the Collosal Titan’s steam which hit the Survey Corps earlier.  The episode takes us back into flashback when Eren, a snobbish brat is seen picking up a fight and Mikasa like always comes to his rescue. It is not something new, but after all this time Mikasa still feels her need to protect Eren at all costs. Her emotions range from being too angry, to being helpless, to resurrecting herself back with the hope of rescuing Eren at any cost. The other key player in this act is Hannes, who encourages both Mikasa and Armin to fight back and hoping things would come back to normal. The emotional rooting shown in this episode though a discharge from what we have been fed in the past couple of episodes is the reason you feel more invested.

The significant others

The military police finally come to rescue the survey corps and we see Hange, injured yet determined to get the traitors to justice when she charts out the final orders.

Hange instructing the soldiers where to head next to

The final scene in the episode brings us back to another question: what are Reiner and Bertolt waiting for? Are the summoning more Titans? Or are they summoning the mysterious Beast Titan who was seen last in episode four?

Only time will tell….


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