Uchiha Clan Arc Coming To Boruto Anime

Before you ask, no, it’s not about Sasuke, at least not solely. The upcoming story arc for Boruto will be about Sarada Uchiha, Sasuke’s daughter. Sarada went through a large portion of her childhood without her father around but eventually met him with Naruto’s help. She appears in the Boruto manga and anime on the same team as the titular protagonist, and, as an Uchiha clan member, is capable of using the family’s Sharingan.


While the anime is in its infancy, the manga has been in production since last year and just featured its fourteenth volume earlier this week, though only eleven of them so far have been published in book format. The original Boruto manga was part of Weekly Shonen Jump.

The Boruto anime arc in question here – the one detailing Sarada’s sub-plot – is due to release in August, so fans don’t have very long to wait. Sarada’s voice actor in Japan, Kokoro Kikuchi, has been very dedicated to her portrayal of the character.

“I will keep Sasuke and Sakura’s honor and won’t betray Sarada’s feelings to show the deep love the Uchiha family is sharing sincerely through my acting. The character of her best friend, Chocho, is also the complete opposite of her, so look forward to their dialogues! I would be happy if you could feel the strength and energy of the Uchiha family through this arc.” 

Last we saw, Boruto had to duck out of the team’s first official B-rank mission, so it’s likely that his absence is the setup for Sarada’s arc.The show is fourteen episodes in, coincidentally the same number of manga chapters produced, even though the manga is ahead of the anime.

Anyone who watches anime or reads manga knows that’s par for the course, and it’s very likely Boruto will continue just as long, perhaps even longer, than Naruto.

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