Tank Girl Returns In New Series From Titan Girl

Long before tough women who kicked ass and took names were all the rage in popular culture, there was the one and only Tank Girl. Debuting in 1988, the British comic book character who, as her name suggested, rode around in a tank and had crazy adventures, was created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin, and almost instantly became a cult sensation.

Tank Girl actually became so popular in the late ’80s/early ’90s underground scene, that she also became a symbol of the growing empowerment of women in punk rock culture. One can even say Tank Girl was the godmother of the entire Riot Grrrl movement of the ’90s (sorry, Courtney Love). The comic became so popular it inspired a movie in 1995; although it tanked (no pun intended), the film would go on to become a beloved cult phenomenon.


Now, just in time for her 30th anniversary, Tank Girl is making her big comeback in The Wonderful World of Tank Girl from UK Publisher Titan Comics. is the first of four brand-new, epic, stand-alone adventures.  The first adventure, entitled Tank Girl Strikes Again, is written by Alan Martin (Tank Girl’s co-creator) with art by Brett Parson (Tank Girl Trilogy), and serves as the perfect introduction to the character and her crazy world.


The Wonderful World of Tank Girl follows Titan Comics’ smash success Tank Girl Trilogy (Two Girls, One Tank, Gold, and World War Tank Girl). In Tank Girl Strikes Again, our antiheroes Tank Girl and her kangaroo boyfriend Booga try to pull off their biggest caper ever, but barely escape with their lives. This is Tank Girl in true classic, chaotic, and idiotic form.

The Wonderful World of Tank Girl Issue #1 is a perfect primer for fans wanting to explore Tank Girl and her friends’ hilarious antics and kicks off Titan Comics’ celebration of the character in 2018. There will be more announcements and details about Titan’s plans for Tank Girl and her big anniversary next year coming very soon.

This debut issue (out in comic stores and digital platforms October 4) comes with four fantastic covers by artists such as Chris Wahl and Brett Parson and also features a hilarious bookshelf variant by Alan Martin! You can check out all four covers down below.


Via : nerdist

image courtesy : nerdist


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