Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 17: “Run, Sarada!” review

Warning: The following review has spoilers for the episode.

This week’s episode of Boruto gives us a closer look into the life of Sarada, daughter of Naruto’s former squad members Sasuke and Sakura. Although the episode is ultimately just filler, it does explore the troubled family life of one of the shows more important characters, and how she deals with a set of daddy issues that put Boruto’s to shame.
This episode follows Sarada as she attempts to deliver a doll to a patient under Sakura’s care. Sakura is going on a short vacation and Sarada offers to complete the task in her stead. Of course, the delivery goes awry, and Sarada must decide if it is worth sacrificing her composure to complete her task. The episode’s opening scenes do a great job of illustrating the difficulties in Sarada’s homelife. She takes on extra responsibilities around the house at the cost of her social life. She even has to help her scatterbrained mother organize her life. It quickly becomes clear she doesn’t put much stock in Sakura’s parenting abilities, instead taking pride in her own maturity. I always enjoy stories that show us the faults of the original series characters, rather than treating them like untouchable idols.


Furthermore, this episode raises some major questions about Sasuke and Sakura’s parenting. We already know that Sasuke is never around, and then Sakura leaves her daughter all alone to go think about Sasuke. Sarada’s comment about needing a father shows us she is secretly hurting (and that Boruto really has no room to complain), but Sakura doesn’t seem to notice. Who knows if her feelings will ever come to be known, but I hope we get a confrontation between her and Sasuke somewhere down the line.
Back to the main story, Sarada spends most of the episode torn between wanting to complete her delivery, and not wanting anyone to see her acting abnormally (aka like Boruto). Most of the scenes feature Sarada sneaking around to avoid Boruto, but I still can’t understand why she is so concerned with keeping her composure. I suppose she wants to keep the moral high ground over Boruto, who she sees as a buffoon, but it seems strange that someone who wants to be Hokage would be so ashamed of her ninja abilities. I know that Sarada values her maturity above all, but I just wasn’t convinced that she wouldn’t go to any length to complete this important task.


One minor detail I did enjoy were the village life scenes, such as Sarada’s tour through the underground market, and her run in with the Hidden Waterfall ceremony. These scenes are short, but help remind us that there is more to the Ninja World than we normally see.
For a filler episode, “Run, Sarada!” manages to tell an interesting story about Sarada’s struggle with both her family and friends. The main plot of the story is a bit strange, but serves as an effective vehicle to deepen Sarada’s backstory and give us a quick look into the lives of Konoha villagers.

A simple task becomes an emotional journey for Sarada Uchiha, who struggles to fit in both in and outside of her home. Her comments about Sasuke raise some concerns we hope are addressed moving forward, and the botched delivery gives us a unique look at life in Konoha.

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