Marvel Characters Are More Relatable Than DC Characters According To Marvel Animation VP

There will always be a debate of which one is better, Marvel or DC. Both have risen to prosperous heights, but many believe the difference lies in the approach to their iconic characters.

You can include Marvel animation senior vice president Cort Lane in that category. Lane’s current project is Marvel’s Spider-Man animated series, and Spidey is a perfect example of why Lane feels Marvel wins the character battle (via Polygon).

“Marvel characters are less iconic and more just like you. They have flaws, they have a sense of humor and they have relatable problems. Every Spider-Man character is a relatable character. And Tony Stark, while wholly problematic by every definition, is still a lovable character.”

By comparison, Lane feels DC focuses more on the superhero aspect of a character and less on the person inside the suit.

“DC operates on a different level — and that’s not to say it’s bad. What all the movies and the media have shown us over the years is that mining the flaws and reliability — and mining through those threats — to try and find a personal moment people can relate to is what registers. It’s pure. A great Marvel story is about caring about the character in the costume, not the other way around.”

Marvel has always pitched its characters as flawed human beings first and foremost, and for a long time, DC did seem to struggle in making characters like Superman and Wonder Woman feel more humanized. In recent years though that hasn’t been much of an issue, at least in the comics.

As for Spider-Man, Lane wants to continue that human focus, spotlighting his most overlooked ability, his intelligence.

“I want the opportunity to tell some new stories that while being really consistent ofSpider-Man qualities feels fresh,” Lane said. “Peter’s smarts become a really important part of the show. It’s something that’s always been in the comics from day one. In the series, it’s another power, its something he has to take responsibility for. If that encourages kids to develop their science smarts, without being preachy, but just showing how cool that is, then we’ll consider the show a success.”

Peter’s heroic sensibilities are played up substantially, especially since in the series he hasn’t fully mastered his abilities.

“He has so much to learn, and it makes him even more powerful that he chooses to be a hero instead of running away from it under the circumstances he’s given,” Lane said. “He isn’t a grown man and we really want to emphasize that. He’s very smart, but he still has a lot to learn.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man hits Disney XD on August 17, 2017.


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