Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 18 “A Day In The Life Of The Uzumaki Family” Review

This week’s episode gives us a closer look into the life of the Uzumaki Family. Although the episode is just a filler, to be honest, I didn’t expect the episode to be this good and it did take me back to the early days of Naruto. From the last episode’s preview, it looked like this episode was going to be similar to the OVA “The Day Naruto Became the Hokage” but that wasn’t the case.


The opening scene of the episode shows Himawari is down with fever and Boruto is by her side helping her out to recover while Hinata goes out to get Himawari’s medicine. That’s when Boruto remembers Naruto’s hokage inauguration and how that day turned out to be a disaster. A quarrel between Himawari and Boruto led to Himawari awakening her Byakugan and KO’d Naruto as he tried to protect Boruto from her. The whole scene was fun to watch and showed what to expect from Himawari as the series progresses. We saw how the old women sews the hokage robes and got to see Kakashi pass on the hokage title to Naruto (certainly an imposter :D).



After the flashback concludes, we got to see Hinata’s fury again and how she threw Naruto and Boruto out of the house. Naruto convinces Boruto to join him for dinner and what better place could Naruto think of than Ichiraku Ramen. The Ramen shop was featured for the first time since Naruto Shippuden ended and the place has become fancier than ever, Naruto still had the “All You Can Eat Forever” pass which he received as a wedding gift and Boruto’s reaction when he saw that pass was so funny. The visit to Ramen shop did bring back the memories of Naruto’s childhood. We also had out first look at Choji after Shippuden ended, who came with his daughter to challenge the title of “The Queen of Gluttony” and it came as a shock that current holder of the title was Hinata who won it by eating 46 bowls of Ramen at once!


The five kage summit was also mentioned so we’ll get to see more characters from Shippuden soon enough. Next week is going to be the start of Naruto Gaiden arc which means we’ll be seeing Sasuke soon enough and also find out about Sarada, her relationship with Sakura and whether she’s Karin’s daughter?

The Verdict

I really enjoyed the episode, it was one of the best slice of life episode from the Boruto franchise. The episode gave us a deeper understanding of Boruto’s family and brought back memories of Naruto’s childhood. Looking forward to the Gaiden arc next week.



What did you think of the Boruto episode 18 review?

Let me know in the comments section below. See you guys next week.


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