Insane Trivia: Aquaman’s Top Ten Facts

Dad why are you a lighthouse keeper? Because someone needs to guide them (the sailing ships)”- Tom Curry (Aquaman’s Father)


One of the most iconic characters in DC’s repertoire Aquaman has been quite a controversial figure like a sports player in and out of the team for no apparent reason.

Throughout history, Aquaman has never had a consistent run, it was as if DC was totally ashamed of him. His origins were constantly changed, relations changed and most of the times the writers changed.

Aquaman first debuted in More Fun Comics#73 in November 1941. He was first written by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger. Initially developed as a backup feature in DC’s issues he was given a solo run later on. He also appeared in a 32 episode series from September 9, 1967 to June 1970.

Aquaman initially started off as protecting the oceans from Nazis. This was when Aquaman was just a backup feature later on more flesh and meat with his origins explained in his solo titles.

Originally Aquaman was the son of a scientist whose skills allowed him to create an ‘amphibian child’ (More Fun Comics#73). Later he was introduced as the son of Tom Curry (the lighthouse keeper) and Atlanna, the mermaid as his mother (Adventure #260, first Silver Age appearance). In the Keith Giffen mini-series we are only introduced to Aquaman’s mother- Queen Atlanna with an unspecified father.

His Golden Age comics started with his first appearance in More Fun Comics#73 till Adventure Comics #103-259. In the Silver Age rendition, Aquaman appeared in Adventure #260 till Brave and the Bold #142. In the Modern Age, Aquaman appeared from the Blue Costumed 4 part mini-series in 1986 till the DC Rebirth Series Aquaman#25.

Now that you have a fair idea about Aquaman’s past, let’s not waste time and dive into ten things that we did not know about Aquaman (or did we?). Let’s find out:


10. Aquaman’s telepathic signal can’t penetrate hard light

In the episode- The Satanic Saturnians from the 1967 cartoon series, a sleeve of hard light is fired by the Saturians entangling Aquaman. When he tries to fire his telepathic signal to call for help, they somehow don’t penetrate through it.

His telepathic signals are his go-to weapons but in this case he is completely caught off guard.

In the TV series, Aquaman is trapped in a beam of hard light and unable to send his telepathic signals

9. Aqualad is Tempest aka Garth

Garth aka Tempest aka Aqualad

And I’ve come dressed for the occasion. More important, though, I’ve finally decided on a new name for myself. If I’m destined to be this great undersea defender, I can’t very well go around calling myself “Garth”, can I? From now on…You can call me Tempest!”

Aqualad appears as the famous to his mentor, Aquaman in the 1967 teleseries. He first appeared in Adventure Comics #269. He is referred to as ‘Tadpole’ by Aquaman at times.

8. Aquaman’s Costume

Aquaman was forced to become a prisoner where he got his orange tunic, yellow belt and green trunks. In recent times, Batman has invented Aquaman’s water suite which grants him the ability to walk on land.  He also appeared in a Blue costume in the Aquaman Special #1 in 1988.

Yellow Tunic and Green Trunks 

7. Aquaman Kills

Unlike many of his counterparts Aquaman does kill. Not only does he kill his foes but also has killed Black Manta’s father who then learned to hate Aquaman because of this.


6. Aquaman’s Trident is known as the ‘Trident of Neptune’

Manipulating water (in the form of tidal waves or whirlpools), controlling the weather, dispersing energy or just stabbing foes are some of the things that Aquaman’s Trident can do. His trident is an indestructible weapon which can amplifies magical powers of others, one of them being Tempest. In the New 52, the Trident is part of the seven powerful Atlantean magical items. Aquaman once bled Darseid with his Trident.

6-Aquaman Trident
Trident of Neptune

5. Aquaman’s blonde hair

5-Aquaman's blonde hair.gif
Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Justice League

Aquaman’s story was retold after DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earth in which Aquaman is shown as the son of the Wizard Atlan and the Queen Atlanna. As Aquaman is born with blonde hair they give him up and the abandoned Aquaman is found by Arthur Curry who he names after him. Aquaman’s blonde hair is seen as a superstition in Atlantis as a sign of a curse they called ‘the Mark of Kordax’


4. Aquaman’s time travel

4-Aquaman time travel

Aquaman has time traveled in space with Batman and also travelled back in time to Ancient Greece.


3. Mera

Aquaman and Meera

Mera is from Zebel, a water dimension and comes to kill Aquaman but instead falls in love with him.


2. Aquababy

Aquaman and his wife had a son named Arthur Curry Jr. who was killed by Black Manta avenging his father’s death at the hands of Aquaman. Aquababy first appeared in Aquaman #23 in 1965.

Aquababy is killed by Black Manta


1. Wonder Woman’s lasso

Aquaman once got entangled in Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and ended up confessing his love for her.

1-Aquaman Wonder Woman Lasso
Wonder Woman and Aquaman

Aquaman’s debuting in the Justice League along with a range of new characters and if Wonder Woman is any indication then DC is finally stepping up the plate against the MCU.

The solo Aquaman movie releasing in 2018 stars Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry/ Aquaman, Amber Heard as Mera and Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlanna among others.


We hope you enjoyed our countdown. We would be happy to have more suggestions/ discussions on this topic.

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